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Man playing with the concrete Logifaces Original puzzle game
Casting concrete in the Logifaces workshop


The push to completely go digital has met the pull back of some analogue systems and traditions. We are currently somewhere in between.

Our team has been creating timeless, ageless, unlimited handmade concrete products for a decade.

Our Logifaces Beginner puzzle game displayed as home decor


Logifaces game serves as a unique,
mind-bending challenge, and an eye-catching piece of interactive interior decor. Stirs the imagination with endless possibilities, no wrong way to do it!
The product is also available as a unique corporate gift. Discover our offers!

Candle lighting on the Logifaces Miracle Edition Menorah


Our mission is to create objects by blending the cultural heritages with a contemporary chic. The idea behind each handmade concrete Judaica is that it should look amazing in a modern home, as a unique art piece that can be displayed all the year around and not dusted off for the festivities of the Jewish life cycle. 

Manual concrete casting in the Logifaces workshop


In this creative workshop you will get close to concrete, the fluid stone material, and the opportunities that it can offer. At the end of the workshop you will be a happy owner of a one of a kind concrete object, designed and manufactured by YOU!

Children playing with the wooden Logifaces Original puzzle game


Logifaces is fun to play but has a serious educational potential as well. Take a look at our selection of math, art, and physics exercises especially for our toy.





1122, Budapest, Hungary

11 Hajnóczy József st.

Mailing Address:

1026, Budapest, Hungary

34 Pasaréti st.

+36 70 284 8558

Eszter Losonczi - Project Manager

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