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Analogue game for digital minds.


The Logifaces story began in 2012 when we were invited to a game design competition organised by MOME (Budapest). Our idea was based on polygonal CAD modeling which reduces organic surfaces by small polygons. The smallest unit in the polygonal modeling is called Face and the name Logifaces refers to it. The head of the jury was Mr. Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the legendary Magic Cube. We were super happy when we were selected among the finalists. Shortly afterward the game gained the prestigious Hungarian Design Award. By then we were absolutely convinced that the Logifaces game had great potential. In 2014 we launched the Logifaces game on Indiegogo and we almost doubled our target.

Logifaces Original Concrete puzzle game and Logifaces Beginner Concrete puzzle game

The Beginner 9-piece set is for easier challenges, for advanced ones choose The Original 16-piece set.

The basics

Right and wrong ways to assemble blocks

There is only one simple rule. Create a form by placing the blocks next to each other to build a continuous surface.

The most common solution is a triangle form but you can come up with new ideas too.

Rocket-shaped solution built from the Logifaces puzzle game.
A young man ponders over the logic game Logifaces while enjoying a glass of wine.

The game can be a creativity booster and a logical challenge at the same time. See where the puzzles take you when you follow the rules or play by your instincts!

Thinking together with your friends and family is a new experience of the game. The best new forms are born when friends have fun together! 

A group of friends play along with Logifaces Original while enjoying a beer in a pub.
Father and son play together with the wooden Logifaces toy.

The concrete version is dedicated to those who are passionate about contemporary design. The wooden material is the right choice for a toy suitable for children.

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