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We are proud of our heritage.


We are proud of our heritage. It inspired us to manufacture further Judaica products in the long run. We offer various Judaica products made from exceptionally handcrafted fine concrete. Concrete is an elemental yet stylish material, matching both a contemporary and a classical interior. 

Logifaces Miracle Edition

Candle lighting on the Logifaces Miracle Edition Menorah

This candlestick is the menorah alteration of the Logifaces game. Create a menorah by placing one prism next to another to form a continuous surface. The Logifaces Menorah offers endless different and playful arrangements for the holiday. Try to arrange the candleholders in a new form each night!

Logifaces Ripple Menorah Small

This hand-poured concrete kosher Hanukkah Menorah represents the traditional candlestick in a contemporary way. The natural concrete material is impregnated resulting in an easy wax removal.

Logifaces Ripple Menorah made out of concrete
Logifaces Seder Plate made out of fine concrete

Logifaces Seder Plate

This plate is made of impregnated fine concrete. The plate is natural oil-finished to make it silky smooth and is food-safe. A clean, minimalist, and modern centerpiece for your Passover table.

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